Self Defence Tips Everyone Should Know–New Kindle Book Now Live!

My new book, has now been published on Amazon Kindle. It’s my first proper book and self defense amazon kindleneedless to say I’m really happy with it. It was only published a day ago and already over eighty people have bought it!

As you can probably guess from the title, the book is aimed at a more general audience as I try to spread the word on what proper self defence is all about. However the seasoned practitioners amongst you will still get plenty out of this book.

Subjects included:

  • Awareness, target hardening and threat recognition and avoidance
  • Managing fear and adrenaline
  • Effective conflict communication
  • How to hit hard
  • How to hit first when you have too
  • Tapping and using aggression
  • Situational control
  • Self defence and the law
  • And lots more

As and added bonus, anyone who buys the book will also receive a copy of my open hand striking video tutorial. Just forward me your Amazon receipt and I’ll send you the link.

Get the book here:Self Defence Tips Everyone Should Know

Don’t forget to leave a review at Amazon after you read the book.



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